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Cupping - 吸角

Cupping is one of the oldest folk remedies

and has been practiced across the world

(such as in Europe, Middle East, Russia, and

Asia), and is safe and painless.

It has been found that cupping affects the body tissues up to four inches deep, and causes the tissues to release toxins and clear energy blockages.  This means that cupping helps relieve swelling and pains on muscles & joints, and improves blood, lymph and energy circulation.

How is cupping done?
It starts with a glass cup, and heating the inside with a small flame to create a vacuum. Then, the cup is placed on the energy pathways on the body.  The vacuum anchors the cup to the skin, and as it draws the skin, it holds the superficial layer of muscles into the cup.  Several cups may be left on the body from 5 to 10 minutes (static cupping).

Cupping may be carried out in a form of sliding cupping, in which the cups are anchored to the skin first and moved over the previously oiled body, creating deep tissue massaging effects.

Cupping may be used alone or in combination with acupuncture in your treatments.


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