Consultation Flow

1. Appointment

​​2. Consultation and Diagnosis

​​​3. Treatments

4. Treatment Plan and Advice

When you attend your first appointment, you will be asked to fill in the Patient Information Form and Consent Form.  

Initial consultation & diagnosis is about 20 ~ 30 minutes.  During this time, I will ask your health complaints and/or goals, and ask detailed questions including your medical history, sleeping patterns, emotional state and lifestyle.  I will take your pulse on both wrists, examine your tongue, and conduct abdominal diagnosis (Fukushin, 腹診) on the treatment couch.  Fukushin has developed in Japan and is one of the most valuable diagnosis techniques in Kampo practice.  These consultation and diagnosis will help me understand your unique needs

and overall health.

In the beginning of each follow-up appointment, a brief consultation & diagnosis are always included to review your responses to the previous treatments.

A treatment plan (including frequency of visits) and how we review will be discussed.  Life style, diet, exercise or other advice may be suggested to complement the treatments and for your healthier life.

Please contact me directly by phone or

email.​​  Please try to arrive

about 10 minutes before your appointment

time.  This gives you a relaxing time for your Qi and pulse to settle before your consultation.  

Currently consultations and treatments are carried out under the specified phase system, following The British Acupuncture Council's guidelines.  Therefore, the consultation flow is modified until further notice.  The details will be given when you contact me for booking an appointment.

If you are receiving Kampo treatment alone without acupuncture, the explanation about the prescribed formula will be given, and your Kampo formula will be either posted to you at cost or can be collected from the clinic at free of charge on a later day.

For acupuncture and other treatment methods, you will be asked to lie facing up or down depending on the acupuncture points and the selected treatment method.  You may also be asked to sit in a chair for an easy-access to certain acupuncture points.

All the needles are sterilized, single use and disposable.  They will be gently inserted into various acupuncture points on the body and left in place for about 20 ~ 35 minutes depending on the required effects.

You may receive a treatment on one side of the body - front or back, or both sides in one session, depending on the required effects.

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