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Self healing ability
We were all born with a self healing power

within.  Acupuncture and Kampo are gentle

yet very effective treatments to enhance this

self healing ability by recognising and

correcting the imbalance somehow developed

in our body and mind.  

Traditional acupuncture and Kampo have evolved based on ancient texts.  I believe 

that with the additional knowledge of modern medicine, they are very suitable health care options for people in this modern era.  Also, as our longevity increases, it is inevitable that we experience some ailments in our lives even if they may not be too serious.  Any imbalance, such as even a mild constipation, influences our quality of life.  

A good quality of life
Traditional acupuncture and Kampo are safe, natural and cause none or minimum side effects.  As these treatment methods emphasise on your own healing ability, the effects of the treatments are kind to the body.  This is one of the reasons that acupuncture and Kampo are known to work as health maintenance or preventative measures, as well as treatments.  This means thathaving regular treatments while you don't have any health issues always does you good by working on maintaining your self healing ability.  I could say that these treatments can help you lead a higher quality life in a long term.  Furthermore, they often work well with other medical treatments and therapies that you may be receiving.  

I may simply apply one treatment method or integrate the two to best address your needs to provide the most effective treatment for you.

I will be very happy if I can be of a help on your health journey.

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